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According to Greek legend, "Phyllis" was the daughter of a Thraecian King who married Demophan, the King of Athens. Eventually Demophan abandoned her in the name of duty. When he failed to return, Phyllis hanged herself, and where she was buried sprung an almond tree, which blossomed only when Demophan eventually returned.

Phyllis was also the name of a lady who served me in an off-licence once. I was buying a bottle of Jameson in the afternoon and she didn't judge me.



And Phyllis came home,
Her head torn and twisted
From the secrets she stowed.
There’s a storm outside
She’s been watching for years
Filled with nicotine.
It never clears.
And I realise,
Life without you is a fantasy.

Like a whiskey, you’re going straight to my head
Like a fetish, you’re tying me to my bed
Like a religion, you’re driving me to my knees
Like a prison, I know there’s only one release,

And Phyllis is scared
By all the implications
In the things she said.
Her lover never stuck around
To find out that there’s more to her
Than a visitor passing through,
Looking for something to do,
And Phyllis,
I will always be there for you.

Like a season, I want you changing next to me
Like a sunset, I want you going down on me
Like a curse, I want you hanging over me
Like a disease, I want you burning deep in me

You’re like a mistake, but there’s no going back for me,
I’m not a mirror to satisfy your vanity.
Oh Phyllis, take a look at yourself.


from Hugh Hick, released April 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Hugh Hick Dublin, Ireland

Hugh Hick is an independent singer-songwriter from Dublin.

After fronting the noise-rock band "Model Citizen" for several years, Hugh decided to pursue music inspired by the more melodic elements of artists such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits, and his songs range from piano-driven ballads to more eclectic guitar based numbers. ... more

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